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Steve Peterson agile IP software and patent development

Steve Petersen - Principal


Steve has over twenty years in the software development business, at all levels of the software development organization, including development, architecture, middle- and executive-level management. agileIP is Steve’s third self-started venture and his second software consulting business.


He has helped several companies transition from no or slow development processes to processes tailored to their specific organizational challenges, ranging from small, collocated advanced development teams to large, geographically distributed teams. He is an “agile convert” who has been running SCRUM sprints nonstop for the last three years across several different companies.


While CTO of Concert Technology, an intellectual property-focused technology incubator, Steve honed his method for training software engineers in integrated intellectual property generation and agile software development. This allowed his team to generate state-of-the-art software products while simultaneously generating patent portfolios for the product and related technology areas.


Steve has ten patents and thirty patents-pending in digital media, social media, mobile, and location-based services. Some of his published patents and applications can be found at


He holds a BS Electrical Engineering degree from Stanford University.